Working Student (Frontend) @FCCL Gmbh
Working as a Frontend Developer part time
2022.Aug. -
Working Student @Conlance Gmbh
worked as a Backend Developer part time
2020.Oct. – 2021.Feb.
CS Bachelor @THA
Also Taught myself to code(Frontend) in my free time.
2020.Oct. -
Moved to Germany & Learned German(B2->C1)
Graduated Uni ▶︎ worked as a waiter ▶︎ moved to germany
Akita Prefectural University
Senior project: hydroponic culture
2018.Apr. - 2019.Mar.
Studied abroad (in Augsburg)
home-stay & Learned german(A0->B2)
2017.Apr. - 2018.Mar.
Akita Prefectural University
Studied Agriculture
2014.Apr. - 2019.Mar.